Welcome to the 31st SOFMER Congress!

Welcome to the 31st congress of the French Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (SOFMER) which will take place in Saint-Etienne, France, on October 13-15, 2016. Scientific challenges and disability will be the hot topics of the congress. For this event, the SOFMER is launching the SOFMER Innovation competition in collaboration with the Saint-Etienne Medical Technologies Pole to finance innovative technological projects to reduce disability. These topics will also be discussed during scientific sessions in collaboration with the Pôle Universitaire Santé Innovation (Healthcare Innovation Campus), the Ecole des Mines engineering school and the Cité du Design.

The 31st congress will also be the opportunity to give an update on medical and scientific progress on disability and rehabilitation in children, adults and seniors, on new management strategies, and on future key issues in collaboration with other medical associations, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) , and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Finally, international sessions will be held in association with the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the Quebec Provincial Rehabilitation Research Network, and the French Federative Disability Research Institute (IFRH).

Pr Gilles Rode
SOFMER President



Welcome to Saint-Etienne for the 31st congress of the French Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (SOFMER), from October 13 - 15, 2015. Now green and white, the city is being transformed and is proud of its high-quality city planning and environment. The old coal mines have now symbolically entered the city museum and Saint-Etienne now offers creative and innovative horizons…

Economic, centered upon a flourishing industry of design, medical textiles, implants, biomaterials, electronic optical equipment, digital simulation…

Cultural and sportive, centered on the opera, the Saint-Etienne theatre, the Museum of Art and Industry, the Museum of Modern Art, the ‘Fil’ concert hall, the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium…

Touristic, between Forez and Pilat, at the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, on the edge of a regional natural parc, the Saint-Etienne metropolis, an agglomeration of 400,000 inhabitants is a city in the countryside, offering a quality of life that is highly appreciated by all who have arrived recently…

Academic, with universities where higher education and research, well represented by its university that has merged with that of Lyon, and its nationally reputed schools of engineering, concentrate all its ambitions, at the basis of the Health Innovations Campus, which groups together on the site of the University Hospital, the Faculty of Medicine, the Saint-Ecoles des Mines Engineering Center, the Regional Institute of Medicine, Engineering and Sport, and two clusters of companies including the Medical Technologies Pole.

In Saint-Etienne, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine has a global healthcare offer for the young, adults and for the elderly. It is based on a network of follow-up and rehabilitation care, centered around short hospital stays, liberal practice and social services, via its post-op and rehabilitation coordination teams. The university hospital team contributes to research within the Exercise Physiology Laboratory and to the education of future rehabilitation specialists ; it coordinates several university degrees for Lyon, Grenoble and Clermont Ferrand.

The Saint-Etienne Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine team wants to take up the « Science and Handicap Challenge » which entails a vast scientific program of research and reeducation and rehabilitation care : physical activity, plasticity, childhood handicap, aging and handicap, evaluation of medical arrangements, networks, social inclusion, business partnerships, design and handicap, physical and rehabilitation medicine and general practice…

It is also the opportunity for the SOFMER to launch an « innovation and handicap » competition for young researchers, in partnership with the Center for Medical Technologies to promote original and daring projects.

The day before the congress, interns in physical and rehabilitation medicine will meet at the Faculty of Medicine around the theme "Preparing tomorrow’s physical and rehabilitation medicine with today’s tools", while a consensus conference will take place at the Maison de l’université on the topic "Reeducation after lumbar spine surgery".

The Saint-Etienne Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine team is proud and happy to welcome the 2016 SOFMER congress, and hopes that many of you will come and be surprised by this innovate and convivial event.

Paul Calmels – Vincent Gautheron – Pascal Giraux

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